Sunshine Coast – Gympie

The Benefits of Solar Panels for Gympie Homeowners


Are you interested in purchasing solar panels for your Gympie home? You’ve heard people talk about them before, but are solar panels worth the investment?

In short – yes, they are.

Solar panels deliver many benefits, particularly for Gympie homeowners. The unique climate in this part of Australia lends itself to solar installations and it is hugely beneficial for residents to have an energy source that’s separate from the grid.

Still not convinced? Allow us to walk you through the four biggest advantages of getting solar panels in Gympie:

Cost Savings for Gympie Residents

A solar installation will help you save money over a period of years. When you power your home with solar energy, you decrease the need to pull electricity from the grid. In essence, you’re not paying for as much electricity, so your monthly bill will go down.

Recent figures suggest you could save as much as $2400 each year on your energy bills – and that’s before we talk about government incentives.

There are two main government incentives designed to help you save more money with a solar energy system. The first is the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, which grants STCs (small-scale technology certificates) to homeowners with solar systems in Gympie. The STCs can be sold back to the government for a rebate of up to $5472.

The second is the Solar Feed-In Tariffs provided by the Queensland government. You can sell any unused solar energy back to the grid and get paid for it. In other words, solar panels don’t just help you save money; they can make money too. This extends to when you sell your home as well – the presence of solar panels boosts your home’s market value!

Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Gympie Homes

Due to its position on the Eastern Coast, Gympie sees a lot of sunlight per year. October is the sunniest month, providing an average of 255 hours of sunshine across 31 days. All of this sunshine is perfect for modern solar technology!

Solar panels can convert solar energy into electricity, reducing the need to use non-renewable energy sources. Better than that, you can purchase solar battery systems that store the electricity in generators. When the sun goes down, there’s more than enough solar energy to continue powering your home.

At best, you can go days or weeks in the summer without using the national supply of electricity. This makes your home incredibly energy efficient! As mentioned above, this leads to impressive energy bill savings – but it can also lead to something else…

Positive Environmental Impact

We know that Gympie has been negatively affected by severe environmental changes over the last decade. Climate control is a serious problem that’s causing extreme weather conditions every year. Solar energy greatly reduces your home’s carbon footprint and can help keep Gympie greener.

If every home switched to solar panels in Gympie, the area would be in a much better state. The environment would have a chance to heal as there are fewer carbon emissions in the air. This would also mean that the air quality in Gympie improves and the city can make a huge step towards reaching Australia’s renewable energy targets.

As residents, we should do all we can to protect this wonderful place. It starts in the home; installing solar panels is a simple way to lower carbon emissions and save the local environment.

Easily Adapt to Gympie’s Climate and Weather Conditions

Gympie has fallen victim to many extreme weather conditions in the last few years alone. Extremely hot temperatures have caused countless fires across the city while flooding has devastated many homeowners and storms are becoming increasingly common.

All of these issues present big concerns, such as frequent blackouts. It’s not unheard of for fires or storms to cause blackouts throughout parts of Gympie. Your home may not have access to electricity for hours or days – unless you get solar panels.

Solar energy storage in batteries gives you a backup supply of electricity when you need it the most. Blackouts aren’t an issue as your solar panels aren’t connected to the grid. It also means you continue to absorb solar energy while the blackouts happen during the day. There’s a sense of energy independence that gives you one less thing to worry about.

To make things a touch better, solar panels are very durable and resilient. They’re made from robust materials that enable them to withstand the harshest heat waves and the most devastating storms. They’ll continue to work regardless of what’s thrown at them during Gympie’s extreme weather cycles.

All in all, solar panels will help Gympie homeowners save money, become more energy efficient, protect the environment and avoid blackouts. They’re an exceptional investment, so if you’re interested in learning more or getting some panels installed on your home, give us a call today!