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Solar Panel Cleaning

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning For Better Performance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your solar power system in peak condition. Just like taking your car to the mechanic for a service, rooftop solar power systems need regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional to ensure they deliver top performance for decades says the clean energy council.

Clean energy council chief executive Kane Thornton said solar power is now helping millions of Australians save on their power bills, but people shouldn’t just put it on their roof and forget about it for the next 25 years.


As Rob, an experienced Solar Tech Engineer said – 

“As soiling concentrates on the solar panel, the losses attributed to this factor increase on a monthly basis and could lead up to 30% annual losses (and even more in extreme cases). Therefore, it is necessary to develop a maintenance schedule in order to maximize energy yields of solar panels and to keep soiling losses around 2%-5% annually.

If you search solar panel cleaning there are some claims that loss of efficiency from having dirty solar panels is minimal but I experience a gain of 25% on average and I have them cleaned 3-4 times a year. That increase is not just on that same day they are cleaned which cooling off the system may cause an increase in electricity generation. I check them the day before cleaning and the following 4-5 days after cleaning at the same time of day and with the same weather conditions. Cleaning is very beneficial from my personal experience.”

"(not cleaning) could lead up to 30% annual losses...."

- It's all about Performance

The performance of your solar array makes certain assumptions and one of these is that the solar panels are clean.

Remember the output of your system is directly related to how much light strikes the surface of your array and is converted into DC electricity, which is then passed to your inverter which converts this energy into AC that services your electrical loads.

If there is a layer of dirt covering your array this reduces the actual amount of light that the solar panels can process and this reduces the amount of energy available to service your loads which is obviously not the desired outcome.

Having your solar panels cleaned periodically by a professional will ensure optimum output and extend their longevity.

Clean solar panels are more efficient and last longer.

BUT - Not all locations are the same.

The amount of general soiling a PV solar system will experience depends on many factors. Bird and bat droppings, dusty locations, mould & moss, coastal areas prone to salt build-up and systems near work sites, roads and rural properties all experience higher levels of soiling and pollen count.

Rain can play a role in cleaning panels but sometimes it can create a detrimental effect if the rain is light and combines with high pollen count, natural floating dust and matter from bushfires. Just like when you don’t wash your car and leave it in the rain it is still dirty and therefore can’t be relied upon to maintain a dust-free surface.

The Importance of maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your PV Solar System is imperative! The reasons for letting the experts do the cleaning are also imperative.

To avoid the risk of electrocution, to avoid damaging the panels, to avoid falling off ladders and using the wrong equipment which may scratch the panels. In addition, a professional can identify any potential issues that can be reported immediately for rectification.

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