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Solar Installation Services

Solar Installation Services

With the cost of electricity on the rise there’s never been a better time to go Solar with Integrity Solar Australia and our complete one stop shop of great brands, great warranties, great prices, Government Rebates, Solar Finance and Batteries.

We also offer advice with integrity and to help you on your solar journey please read our free solar guide and avoid the possible pitfalls when considering solar.

“Would definitely recommend Chris for all your solar needs; he was able to tailor a system to suit our needs & budget, and have it promptly installed. Super friendly, personable service & followed up to check we’re happy with our products.”



Avoid the pitfalls when considering solar

#1 No Cost Solar

First of all nothing is free. If someone is offering you this, run. It’s a scam. What they do is sign you up to no deposit finance with repayments that are less or the same as your electricity bills (this doesn’t work out for everyone) and call it no cost solar. They don’t mention the interest you will pay. If the finance is interest-free they will load it up with fees at the outset of the contract. Either way, you pay and there’s no such thing as no cost solar. Solar finance is a great service for people and there are a lot of great products out there, however, finance is not free.

#2 Tier 1 Panels

These days everyone is trying to sell you Tier 1 panels. ‘Tier 1’ is one of the most misused and misleading terms in the solar industry. To be quite blunt, Tier 1 is a marketing term a lot of cheap solar installers exploit to give the buyer a feeling of confidence in a substandard product. The tiering system was created by BloombergNEF & has nothing to do with the quality of the solar panels. It was created to separate solar manufacturers (NOT the panels) based on their ‘bankability’, which BloombergNEF defines as ‘whether projects using the solar products are likely to be offered non-recourse debt financing by banks’. The tiering system can be a good place to start your research, but it should not be used to compare and evaluate the quality, longevity or performance of solar panels. We help you navigate through the minefield of brands not to touch and make sure you’re getting the top value and longevity for your investment.

#3 Sign on the dotted line

If a solar company is pressuring you to sign on the dotted line straight up, run. When making a bigger investment you should take time to think about it and weigh up the benefits to you. At Integrity Solar Australia our motto is that it needs to be the right fit and the right timing for you. If you can tick these 2 boxes you can feel comfortable you are not being pressured into something.

#4 Cheap Deals

60 solar panel manufacturers went bust in a 3-year period globally. A cheap deal with a no name brand may give you a cheaper price but will probably cost you more in the long term as they may not be around if you need to make a warranty claim down the track. Stick to reputable brands at market prices for longevity and security. Preferably brands that have been in business for about as long as the period of warranty they are offering. Also, some of the larger solar companies are just marketing companies trying to pump out solar sales and use the cheapest possible sub contractors from Brisbane who slaps in the system and is never seen or heard of again. The installation quality is poor and trying to get problems rectified is a long drawn out process and near impossible. Local companies with local service and market prices are a far safer way to go.

#5 YouTube Solar Ads

You may have noticed ads coming up on youtube that say there is a brand new Qld solar scheme with a picture of the Qld Premier and if you fill out your details they will get someone to get in contact with you to give you a quote. Firstly there is no Qld solar scheme whatsoever so if you see this you know it’s a scam. Some states have one in place but Qld does not! There is only the National solar scheme available to Queenslanders. This is a lead generation company that sells your details to solar companies and you will get bombed with phone calls from several companies wanting to give you a quote. Mostly they are not local and are from Brisbane. They usually give you a quote without doing a site visit and you never know who you are really dealing with, especially if you need support or to make a warranty claim down the track.

#6 Telemarketing Companies

If you get a phone call from a telemarketer in a call centre that is offering cheap deals, run. They are usually just marketing companies and not solar experts if you need technical support down the track. They also tend to use clever marketing jargon and gimmicks designed to take advantage of the less savvy buyer.

Solar can be one of the best investments you can ever make because your system is working for you either saving or making you money. Talking to the right experts who have staked their name and reputation on giving you honest advice makes a lot of sense. Give me a call now if you’re considering solar and I can answer all your questions and offer a solution that’s right for you.